Blogging Around Friday!!

I decided in my new blog I would Love to share all the fun blogs I find. And so Friday is now "Blogging Around Friday". There are so many fun blogs to look at on so many subjects. I am starting with one of my favorites!!!
I love this blog for several reasons. It is done so well. I love the topper, it is so pretty. All the pictures are beautiful and Cynthia's decorating is amazing. It is so much fun just to see what she will come up with next. I really enjoy looking at a blog that looks like she really enjoys blogging. And she seems so fun.

Another thing I love about her blog is the blogs she has listed on her blog list. I seem to click on blog lists that have pictures and hers does. I am wondering if that makes me just a picture follower....oh well if thats the case I am spending alot of time on her blog clicking on the one she likes!

Its fun to see the projects she come up with. And the finished projects are always beautiful!! So if you haven't been to her blog you have got to go... grab a cup of tea and sit in a comfy chair because you will be so glad you did!

If you have any favorites be sure to leave a comment and tell me!

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