A Mansion for the Love Birds!

Ok here's how the story went.....My husband was working out of town and I thought...I need to paint the kitchen....so I bought paint and my daughter and her boyfriend painted the kitchen/family room. Well after the painting was done I decided I really need a new couch... because the old one really doesn't match. So we carried out the old couches (they were so comfy but now ugly)....and I looked over and the fireplace really needs a mantel..huummm......but I am on a mission for new couches so never mind the mantel.....we went to every store in town and nothing matched the paint color I just had the kids paint the walls....well except the fabric I found for curtains.....so a few more furniture stores.....And.... look at this darling bird house I found for my Love Birds!!!! I couldn't believe my find!! And that really isn't the price I paid either ....it was 1/2 off. So then you have to buy it!! Those birds are going to be so happy and the cage matches all the trim in the kitchen/family room. And I have the perfect wall to put the cage by. And it will be perfect next to the new fireplace mantel my husband has been working on and match the couch I am redoing with the perfect curtain fabric. It was such a busy weekend couch shopping........

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Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Congratulations Debbie! This is very exciting!!! I love the look of your new website! It is as cute as can be! I am going to add this new button to my blogs The Beehive Cottage & Sadie Sadie Lee! I am honored that you have my ~ The Beehive Cottage button!


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