Warming up the Family Room!

We have been working on the family room and we just got done painting it yellow. A big move on my part. I am a little afraid of color...you know...what if its to dark...what if its the wrong shade...what if I hate it....what if....what if....
Well I was very nervous but I really do like it! But as you know once you change the color it seems like nothing else works. The couch was then the wrong color and all the rugs all have to be replaced. and it just keeps going on and on.
Well, the first thing was the fireplace...it really needs a mantle. And I know just the guy to do that for me! My husband...yes the guy running the other way.....hahahaha. Just kidding I think he knows by now that any idea I have is going to mean a lot of work for him too!
So this is where he began. I knew it would be beautiful because he has done some amazing wood work in our home. So its off to Lowe's we go....
And it really didn't take to long before he had it figured out and we were back home and he was working hard. And this is how it turned out....
You can click on the picture to see it better.
I love it!
And I will have to shared another day...
the wall I have now to hang a quilt on.

Blogging Around friday!!

As I sat down to write about yet another favorite blog I couldn't help but think I really need to share my friend Lori's Blog. Even though I am sure all of you have been to it. So I decide to brag about Lori's blog. Her Blog is http://beeinmybonnetco.blogspot.com/ and I love to see all the new things she comes up with. I have taken her classes for years and always enjoy every pattern she comes up with. I love how on her blog you see the up coming blocks for the classes she is working on. And if you don't live close you can alway join the class and the quilt shop does ship.

Lori's blog is so fun to watch, She has 10 different buttons on her blog so that should tell you something! I love seeing pictures of what she is working on and the projects she does with her daughter. Who by the way has started doing the stitching for some of her quilts. Wayto go Girl!

In the summer she shares pictures of her yard and their family camping trip. This is a really well done blog and I am sure if you stop by you won't be sorry! And those of us that are regulars .....well I am sure we always will be. Lori is one talented lady and I am always looking forward to her next post.

I love to find a blog that is well done to follow and Lori's sure fits the bill!
This picture is on the bottom of her blog and you know it really is her!! So grab a cup of tea and start reading you won't want to stop.


The Kitchen Linens Book!

I wanted something to read and couldn't decide....do I get a romance ...nahhh....murder mystery....nahhh....cookbook.....nahhh I just couldn't decide. I walked all over the book store because I wanted something. You know ...something not to intense, to to long, or to short. Something! And I came across this book and I love it. Fun to read and even came with a pattern for creative side. If you haven't read it, you will love it. Just a fun book. And I love kitchen linens. Dish towels are my favorite thing to make, so this book was perfect for me. Go get and sit in your favorite chair with a cup of tea and enjoy!


Blogging Around Friday!

I had a hard time deciding on which blog to tell you about until I hit on one of my faves!! Smithalicious!If you haven't stopped by it will be worth the click. I took this quote right off their profile because it fits perfectly: "You're looking at the blog of a group of women who know what good food is and how to make it. With a knack for cooking and a little luck, it usually turns out". Their are women from West Jordon Utah, Cedar City Utah, Caliente Nevada, boise Idaho and Davis Ca. So stop by and enjoy! http://smithalicious.blogspot.com/

I Love Canning!

I love canning season! I always never can enough stewed tomatoes. I love them. This year I decided to use roma tomatoes. And it turned out to be a good idea. But every year I think I am going to remember what recipe I used last year and I don't. So this year I made up as I went along....and I think I did ok.
And I love to make labels! So canning season is great for a label junkie! If you love canning please leave me a comment and tell me what you love to can. And a recipe would be great too!


Blogging Around Friday!

If you love quilting you have got to hop over to"Bitty Bits % Pieces". Kim just re-did her blog and it is a really cute blog to look at.

One of my favorite thing she does is show pictures from Alpine Quilt Night . The club she belongs to. And it always looks like they have a blast! But I love looking at all the projects they have done. The post she has from club also talks about the 30's and a display of food items that came from that era. I was really surprised at some of them.

Kim also has a pattern on Moda's Bake shop. Its darling. She always shares pictures of her project and they are always beautiful.

Even if you are not a quilter but enjoy the beauty of quilts. this is a blog worth clicking you mouse to get to. So here's the address:

And you better have a cup of tea and a cookie because you will be staying for a while,


Great Giveaway!!!

You have got to stop by Smithalicious if you love giveaways!
She is giving away:
1 cutting board
1 set wooden spoons
1 set spoon/ladle/pasta fork set
3 silicone pastry/basting brushes
1 "red hot" mixing bowl
2 custom made "one handed grip" hot pads (handmade by Brenda)
1 shabby chic apron with adjustable strings (handmade by Melissa)
1 lb. freshly made gourmet "Bella Toffee"
And her Blog is so cute you will want a button for your site while your there!
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