Monday, October 26, 2009

Warming up the Family Room!

We have been working on the family room and we just got done painting it yellow. A big move on my part. I am a little afraid of know...what if its to dark...what if its the wrong shade...what if I hate it....what if....what if....
Well I was very nervous but I really do like it! But as you know once you change the color it seems like nothing else works. The couch was then the wrong color and all the rugs all have to be replaced. and it just keeps going on and on.
Well, the first thing was the really needs a mantle. And I know just the guy to do that for me! My husband...yes the guy running the other way.....hahahaha. Just kidding I think he knows by now that any idea I have is going to mean a lot of work for him too!
So this is where he began. I knew it would be beautiful because he has done some amazing wood work in our home. So its off to Lowe's we go....
And it really didn't take to long before he had it figured out and we were back home and he was working hard. And this is how it turned out....
You can click on the picture to see it better.
I love it!
And I will have to shared another day...
the wall I have now to hang a quilt on.
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