A Quilt Wall Finally!

It seems like no matter how I moved my furniture there was never a wall left for a quilt. This time I am moving things around the Quilt. And I think I like it...I think the problem is now I wish I had more walls for quilts.

The hard part now that I have a wall is deciding on what quilt to hang. But this one I think goes well with the paint color. It was one of my favorites to make. I love the edge. I am just so excited to finally get to decorate with one on my wall. I did do one that hangs in my nook I will have to show you another time. The more I am in this room the more I like the yellow. The other end of the room is my kitchen and its red. So they go well together. Going from pastel colors to brighter colors is very hard. But I love it now that its done.

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Sherri said...

Love your quilt wall! It looks perfect there!

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