Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Wishes!

Doesn't Kate look beautiful! 
Yes I watched the wedding and recorded it. 
Had to do the recording since I kept falling asleep. 
I did have tea while watching so I could fell a part of the whole thing. 
It looked like England is the place to be today. Could you believe how many people were along the streets and at the parks. I was watching and wishing the minute
 Prince William proposed to Kate I had bought a ticket to England. 
I  can't imagine a better place to be today. It looks so fun!


Madame Samm said...

I sipped tea too and even served me up a scone withe devonshire cream...and waited for
she reminded me of Princess Grace...

Aim said...

I decided to stay in bed, I'm happy to watch the highlights. I got to enjoy those with Helen. I think Kate's dress was very elegant and not too much.

Wendy said...

Maybe when Prince Harry gets married ... we'll both buy tickets to England!!! Yes I tried to stay up and watch, but nodded off a few times, and since I couldn't record (don't have capabilities here) watched and re-watched later :) She's beautiful and very Grace-Kelly'ish.

Cheryl said...

She was such a beautiful bride and the day was perfect. I was up and watching, but I'm dragging today!!

corners of my life said...

If you bought a ticket you'd would have been camping on the sidewalk for two days instead of falling sleep in your comfy home.

Corrie said...

Absolutely lovely. It looked like it was the perfect day for them.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

It was such a beautiful and romantic wedding! Fairy~tales do come true!

Happy May!


EFT Therapy said...

I think Kate's dress is just appropriate for a royalty. It was not overdone and complimented her physical beauty, which actually spoke for itself.

Anxiety Cures said...

Kate was exquisite. Her beauty doesn't fall short for what we envision a princess looks like.

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