Getting Ideas!

My Doll house arrived! 
And I was a little over whelmed when I started read the directions on how to assemble it. 
Well... I almost started to cry....there are a MILLION pieces....maybe even 2 MILLION...
 and you have to do it the right order....oh my gosh....
My husband came to the rescue!!!! Yeah!! 
What a great guy! I really am going to keep him!
So now that he will put it together....I am now thinking of how to decorate it. 
So I picked up the above book.... so many cute ideas.....One of my girl friends told me there are miniature magazines ....hhuummm I am sure I need one of those too.  
This is going to be so fun! 
This book really does have some cute Ideas! And you can get it at amazon too!

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