How Many Ways To Do Grandmother's Garden?

I love Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilts.
There are so many different ones out
there it hard to decide how I want to do mine.
I love how they did the flowers at the bottom of this one.
I got this one from:

Isn't this amazing!
I found it at:

I really like how they did the edge on this one.
Found at:

                                Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt Kit, Queen Size 84"x91" - Click Image to Close

I am not to sure I would do all the work to hang over a door...
but another cute edge.
I think the edges really make some quilts.
this one came from;

How fun in less colors..I hadn't thought of only using a few colors...
Dang ...decisions ...decisions...
Found at:

It fun to see how some people put them together....
Found at:

This pattern has a bee on it....
That seems "sew" fitting.
Found at:

I may only get this far....LOL.
Found at:

All I can say is WOW!
And mine won't look like this...
found at ;

This looks fun...
I saw this at:


I love the green dividing diamonds.
Found at:

The flowers in the middle and a white edge looks very nice.
Found at:

This picture did it....I have to finish is one!
Doesn't this look so inviting!
Found at:

There are so many ways to do this quilt.
OH and SEW Many different ways to
SEW it....
Next I will show you my easy prep way.
I have tried a lot of way of ways but I finally found a way I enjoy!


Paula said...

Hi Debbie, thank you so much for all these pictures, they are all so beautiful. I have not decided how to finish mine GFGQ, so now I'm totally confused, but happy :-)
Thank you again and for sharing the links.

Happy stitching

Kajsa said...

Love the inspirational pictures. I just started playing a little with hexagons and I'm pretty sure I don't have enough patience to complete a full-size quilt. :) Nice blog, btw.

Raewyn said...

What a gorgeous array of quilt. My GMG quilt is nearly all together but I did enjoy your photo journey and inspiration--- maybe I will just have to start another....!!

Lori Holt said...

Love them all Debbie...I'm interested to see which way you will do the hexies...did you see my tutorial I told you about the other day?
However you decide to do them...they're addicting:)

corners of my life said...

The flowers in the middle with a white edge is SO charming.

debstokes said...

Debbie, I've been reading your blog for months now and love it! So much inspiration!! I don't have a blog. I'd like to register with you for the Wantobe Quilter Campaign. I'm not sure if this is the correct way? I'll use your blog for the Tuesday and Thursday give aways for current quilters. Thanks, Deborah

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how I love your masthead. The cherries and gingham theme is so happy! I just bought duct tape in a black check and cherries design to cover the shelf edges of my old kitchen cabinets.

I came to your site while researching settings for some vintage grandmother's flower garden quilt blocks I bought at a yard sale.


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