How Many Ways To Do Grandmother's Garden?

I love Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilts.
There are so many different ones out
there it hard to decide how I want to do mine.
I love how they did the flowers at the bottom of this one.
I got this one from:

Isn't this amazing!
I found it at:

I really like how they did the edge on this one.
Found at:

                                Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt Kit, Queen Size 84"x91" - Click Image to Close

I am not to sure I would do all the work to hang over a door...
but another cute edge.
I think the edges really make some quilts.
this one came from;

How fun in less colors..I hadn't thought of only using a few colors...
Dang ...decisions ...decisions...
Found at:

It fun to see how some people put them together....
Found at:

This pattern has a bee on it....
That seems "sew" fitting.
Found at:

I may only get this far....LOL.
Found at:

All I can say is WOW!
And mine won't look like this...
found at ;

This looks fun...
I saw this at:


I love the green dividing diamonds.
Found at:

The flowers in the middle and a white edge looks very nice.
Found at:

This picture did it....I have to finish is one!
Doesn't this look so inviting!
Found at:

There are so many ways to do this quilt.
OH and SEW Many different ways to
SEW it....
Next I will show you my easy prep way.
I have tried a lot of way of ways but I finally found a way I enjoy!

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