Where Would You LOVE to Sew Today?

Look how Cute!
Today I want to sew over at:

Looks so clean and nice I am sure we would have tea in the kitchen....hehehehe

I am not going home. Let see what would I make....
I think I would have to bring my featherweight....
and some chocolate.
Lets see what to make....
I think I would have break and start the Farmer's Wife Quilt.
Lori Holt has the best tutorial

Isn't this the cutest block. She has instructions for several blocks
 with really nice pictures like this one. If you want to start or have and don't have
many blocks done you will want to stop by and see hers.
She also has pictures of her new fabric!


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully enjoyable photos!

Unknown said...

I LOVE that seed fabric!!!

Susan said...

What a cute sewing room!

corners of my life said...

Would you ever leave that room?
I think not, it is SO charming.

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