Preview New Pattern!

This is a sneek peek at my new pattern.
 I am almost done...
Have I told you how much I love making dish towels.
They make the best gifts.
The only bad thing is my stitching Husband
is out of town this week so I am having to do my
own stitching.....I know ...sad huh...
I really miss him....
This one,  I thought for the holidays would make a great gift
if you add a pie or a can of pie filling and a cute pie plate.
Soon as its done you will be the first to know...
And yes it will on my Etsy Shop.
Giggle ..Giggle... I love making dish towels!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Great pattern Debbie! And I love your "hoop". I've not seen one like that - I had a quilt frame like it once but not an embroidery hoop. blessings, marlene

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Your patterns are ALWAYS so CUTE!!

sorry you are missin' ur honey =(

But, your stitchin is really good, I dunno why you pick on urz-self


John'aLee said...

Oh so cute! Does your hubby really do your stitching for you?

Amy B. said...

Love that little 'lamb'(?) that holds your needle. I never saw anything like that!! Is it a pin?

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