Sewing Saturday

Yes! Boys like to sew too! 
We had Sewing Saturday and this is Elijah on his turn at the machine.
The boys are sewing 5 inch blocks together 
to make a quilt for watching TV. 
I think it will take a few saturdays to finish but that OK since I love 
having a day with them.

This is Jackson and Ryan playing on the iPad 
 waiting their turn at the sewing machine.
After sewing squares we practicing ironing 
and if the one sewing wasn't finished then its
 Angry Bird time!
This is a fun project since I have a tone of 5 inch squares. 
The boys picked what squares they want in their quilt
 and they had to decide what ones went together. 
This took forever and I loved watching how 
important this part was to the boys. 
They even started trading....LOL
I will post their progress later.
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