I'm Blaming Cynthia!

I am always stopping by Cynthia's Blog
And looking at all of her cute miniatures...
And thinking wouldn't that be fun....
Well I stopped by one to many times...
The above is all her fault... I just had to order 
my own house. Since I am a beginner I am starting small. 
But isn't it the cutest house I could just move in.
Ok I bought the house and now I am on my way back over 
to Cynthia's to see how to start....
Her blog should have a warning on it....
"Could cause Shopping"!
Oh and I forgot to mention....
She has an Etsy shop.....
Sssshhhhh don't tell my husband.

Happy Weekend!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
For an easy breakfast recipe stop by my other blog 
And enjoy!

Will be Missed!

I was so sad to open my computer today and read of the passing of 
Elizabeth Taylor
She was such an Icon. And will be always remembered not only
 for the movies I grew up on but for all of her Charity work too. 
And her many Marriages....LoL 
 I can remember my mother and aunts all wanting to look just like her. 
And reading every word printed about her. It is so sad to watch an era end. 
She will missed.

Prayers For Japan

Go over and check out the site.

Another Free Stitchery Giveaway!

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Shhhh.....I have a secret
I heard Debbie is almost done with her next
"Free Pattern'
So keep checking back to see what it is!


Where to get Our Best Bites Cookbook.

I got a lot of email where else they can get this cookbook, my other favorite place is Amazon.
So click on the link to the left to get you there. I love ordering from Amazon. They are pretty fast at getting you books.
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