The Thing the dog goes thru when the kids are around...
This is Luna our lab and my grandson Jackson's
best friend.

It was dress up day....
I think Luna was happy all 
she got was glasses....
Jackson talks and talks to her all day.
when asked if he love to talk to Luna ?
He said they don't talk because Luna doesn't
have Lips.
Every kid needs a Luna!


Melt in Your Mouth

Look how yummy this caramel looks! 
If you want my
 "Grandmother's Microwave Caramel" Recipe
Stop by my other blog at:
These are so easy and they melt in your mouth...
I made some today with my 3 year old grandson ....
that's how easy!

There is a Sale!

There is a sale at Material Girls starting today!
30%  off
Can't talk ...
have to run ....
on my way to the sale!!!

Sadie Staying Warm

Sadie sporting her new sweater to wear in the snow.
Since we got all that snow last night Sadie couldn't 
just go out in it ....
She had to look cool!
She wore it while all the snow shoveling was happening.

A Great Start To The New Year

I just know this is going to be a Great Year!
And finding this Darling stove starts it off

Is this not the custest stove ever!
I bought it today!
No I don't have a place for it....
But it is so cute I had to buy it!

The back left burner spot holds a pot...
Do any of you remember those...
My Grandmother had a stove with a pot in the back
and she made soup in it all the time...
I remember how good her house smelled when you came in from the cold.
I was really small but I remember thinking she had the coolest stove
that you didn't needed to buy a pan for cooking soup!
Now I have my own Soup Stove.
I couldn't believe what great shape this stove is in.
I am sure I will figure out what to do with it.
It reminds me kind of ....of the one the Gilmore Girls
had in their kitchen.
This one is a 1940 Kelvinator.
You know what they say
"One great find is alot of projects waiting to happen"!
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