A Great Start To The New Year

I just know this is going to be a Great Year!
And finding this Darling stove starts it off

Is this not the custest stove ever!
I bought it today!
No I don't have a place for it....
But it is so cute I had to buy it!

The back left burner spot holds a pot...
Do any of you remember those...
My Grandmother had a stove with a pot in the back
and she made soup in it all the time...
I remember how good her house smelled when you came in from the cold.
I was really small but I remember thinking she had the coolest stove
that you didn't needed to buy a pan for cooking soup!
Now I have my own Soup Stove.
I couldn't believe what great shape this stove is in.
I am sure I will figure out what to do with it.
It reminds me kind of ....of the one the Gilmore Girls
had in their kitchen.
This one is a 1940 Kelvinator.
You know what they say
"One great find is alot of projects waiting to happen"!
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