Yoyo Mama's Mug Rug Fun

This was such a fun exchange ....
oh my gosh we have a lot of talented YoYo Ladies...
Every one of these mug rugs were darling!
If you need to click on the picture so you can see it bigger!

So Sweet!

I don't know how this ended up upside down...so cute!

This is the one I was lucky enough to get but since I am 
the camera girl I had Betty hold it since she made it.
I am so lucky!

Doesn't she look happy she got that one..

Black and white with a black mug I do think Betty loved it!

Just as cute as the package it was in.

All laid out to see.

Pat is the most organized of our bunch and because of her 
everything went smooth.

So darling 

This one is worth enlarging the picture...

Yes we had a pot luck and it turned out to be a lot of yummy

Look at all that work...

How fun and it would be great for every day 

So cute too!
These all turned out so darling but I don't think I could really use them
I think framing .....
little works of art! 

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