Happy Happy Birthday!

It was my favorite Aunt Joyce's birthday....I think she turned 72 
but if you saw her you would never know it.
My sister, Brother and I wanted to give her something special 
and so I volunteered to make a quilt.
They didn't argue.....
She is a great mother, fabulous Grandmother and My 
Favorite Aunt! I really wanted to to make her a fun, bright 
and makes you smile quilt since thats the way I have always seen her.
Growing up I spent any time I could at her house.

This is her! 
My Aunt Joyce!
I do think the quilt is big enough for her to snuggle 
up under for all those cold nights watching fun movies.

I love making quilts with lots of fabrics.  
And this one defiantly did.
There are so many pieces of my life that my aunt touched
that a scrappy quilt is just what I had to make her.

Happy Happy Birthday
Aunt Joyce!


Baskets for Zayla

My Granddaughter Zayla was visiting from Seattle and she got to 
take home the basket Quilt. 
We really miss her and were so glad for the visit. 
And now she has a piece of home to take back with her.


A Basket Full...

I finished this Quilt just before Easter....

It was such a fun pattern to do
I thought it was nice and easy.

This was such a fun fabric line too.

I can't decide which one is my favorite fabric so that made 
it really hard to decide on the edge fabric. This Green
looks pretty good I think. 

Now I just have to decide who gets it....

I Wanted Pie....

I wanted pie but then I remembered I needed to finish a 
dish towel for a friend....
I wanted Pie but then I remembered there was a new pie book out on amazon...

so I ordered it....
I wanted pie but then I decided to 

Maybe I will quilt a pie....hehehehee

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