Make a Dish Matt..... What?

Ok I am up for anything and the girls at "Clothes Line Club" 
decided for our Christmas exchange this year we would exchange 
Dish Matts....Now I knew about Mug Rugs and I have made several
of those but a Dish Matt...I had no idea.
They sit next to your sink for you to put the dishes you rinse 
off on them. And I knew mine had to be something I would really 
use. SO I got on line and starting looking ....
I wasn't really finding anything I liked ....
And I really had to have it be something I want to do in order for me to 
join in the fun. And then I found:

Since the ones I did see on line had a terry cloth back ground, 
this would be perfect!
And it is!! I was so excited and I knew this was something I 
could work with. Now it needed to be simple but cute.
Of Course!
There is a brown stitched edge on it already so I just started 
single crocheting into that edge. Then I chained 5and singled crochet
 in the 4 single crochet. repeating all the way around. 
Then single crocheted 2 times in the loops and chained 3 then 2 more single crochets. 
I did this in each loop all the way around. Easy Peasy!

See the chain 3 makes a little loop too.

Now I could have left it like that I liked it fine but this 
is for an exchange....I will be making a few until I get 
one I really like to give away. But to start this one will look 
so cute in the new trailer.

Next I did the stems and leaves sewing them down with 
the basket stitch on my sewing machine. The the Yoyo 
flowers were made with the large orange yoyo maker. 
A large button is stitched in the center of the yoyo to hold
it in place. I used the crochet thread to sew on the button and
I doubled it and did a running stitch around the edge. 
My thinking is it is a small touch that makes it look like it took 
longer to make.

I love these dish matts! I got mine at Walmart but I did see them at 
Target and Kohl's too.

So easy and I think they are going to be a very fun exchange!

I think I will be rinsing a lot more so I can use it.

Using Yoyo's gave it just the perfect simple look!
If you in the Clothes Line Club don't be thinking 
this is the one I am making I have 9 more matts I bought 
to figure it out. Hahahahaha so it will still be a


Clothesline Club said...

Way different than what I found. But I like what you created from their mat. Way fun, can't wait to see what else you create from it. Thanks for sharing.

sunny said...

I recently saw a dish mat at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I thought -WHY? What's wrong with the towel that I usually use? Now that I see it in cuteness, I may have to buy one!

Anonymous said...

very nice,well done.xx

SmilesandSunshine said...

I want to see the ones you get in return, too.

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