Taking The Hotel With Us!

We decided as"Empty Nester's" we needed new a trailer. 
Now we can go glamping with our own Hotel room.
Yes we still have the Vintage trailer.... 
But a bathroom, air conditioning and microwave are pretty nice!

This is the front.

This is the back.

This is what pops out the back!

The Kitchen ...

From both views, nice and bright.

The bedroom....and it has a door.
We also have a bathroom with a shower!

So excited and we have been out 2 times already.
I have been amazed at everything there is to learn. 
We only used the vintage one at my brother-in-laws
property. And now going into the other canyons we 
are trying to figure out the passes....and we had no idea we had 
to make reservations. Lots to learn... who knew....
Oh it only took 2 trips out in the "hotel" to figure out we needed 
a generator....hahaha
Love it!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Debbie you are going to love this! We have a fifth wheel and I would stay in it in our driveway, it's so comfortable. :) In September we'll be going to Kansas for a bluegrass festival and then on to Colorado to hear the elk bugling and see the Aspens turn gold. I can't wait! blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...
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Chenille Cottage said...

Oh, how nice! What wonderful times you are going to have together in your new nest! My hubby and I bought a motor home a few years ago. We love being able to sleep, eat and enjoy...without checking into a new room each night. We have been empty nesters for quite a while...and, now we are "Grammy and Papa".
Thanks for sharing your new diggs!
Carolynn :)

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