I Love Buttons

Button fascinate me, as a kid I loved to play in the button tin.
My mom kept her buttons in a tin that had candy or cookies in it.

I would divide them into colors, shapes and sizes.

Sometimes I just sat and push my hand to the bottom on the tin, 
opening my fingers and pulling up. 
This was just to feel the buttons slide between my finger.
My mom would give me a threaded needle and 
I would string the buttons thinking I was really sewing too.

And the vintage ones...
I have to say they were and are my favorite.

Oh and speaking of vintage, you can't forget the vintage buttons on cards.

I have buttons in jars and tins. 
The are mixed and divided into colors.
You can never have to many buttons.
Or fun memories...
What do you keep your buttons in?


maggie said...

Dear Debbie
I too love buttons and played in my mother's button box just as you did as a girl. Right now I keep my buttons in a giant apothecary jar. I'd love to sort them by color int mason jars at some point, but I just don't have the shelf space to display them right now. Also saw a great lamp made by using a large jar filled to the top with buttons, with the electrical part attached to the lid. It was so cute.
I love your blog.
Have a great weekend.
maggie in Maine

Susanne said...

Hi Debbie, it has been awhile since I came nosing around here, but saw the pic of the buttons and was immediately drawn in like a bee to honey, lol. Oh you have got some of the same memories that I had as a small girl, the button tin, sometimes it even had a few other little items in it like a diaper pin or a snap, hook& eye fastener, but the bulk was buttons and how they were loved! It seems silly that a woman my age would get excited over a silly buttons but the shapes and colors were like a bunch of magnets. I believe that just about everyone I know who sews or does crafts loves them. I know there are people who actually collect them to display in cases on walls. Remember the ones made of shells, I still have some of those.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Richardson said...

Not only do I remember doing just the same thing, but my Mom had a tomato pin cushion and I would push all the pins down flat. She would get so mad every time she would go to get one. : ) And she had this huge thingy that attached to her machine that made button holes! The memories that you have made come flooding back.
When my children were younger we would go to this fabric store and they had all their buttons in a old wash tub. My girls would just run their hands in and out over and over. I have to admit I did it too. LOL

Zuzan said...

Dear Debbie
At our local Save the Children op shop. There is a dear lady who sews the matching buttons onto "card' recycled from anything Cereal packets or whatever. I keep them like this though would love to mix them up in a jar.
Mum would have loose buttins in a jar, hopefully shaking that the right button would appear withou undoing it.
I also have buttons in jars, in clar heavy duty plastic bags. Just love them.
The same lady also winds lace around card to purchase too. Then there are old doileys.
Love looking through the stash

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I have the button tin that my grandmother used in my sewing room. I keep all my buttons in Ball mason jars and other vintage jars.

I do love buttons....

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