My turn in the Blog Hop!

Yes! Its my turn for the blog hop! I am posting a bit early but couldn't wait!
I just love Jill over at jillily studio and her house pillow is so cute. 
It was such a fun design to use for the blog hop.
I couldn't decided just what I wanted to make and 
we were going to dinner with friends and I wanted a 
gift for the hostess.
So I decided to use the blog hop pattern.
(You can too it free at Jill's blog)
You can add all of your own ideas and personalized it how you want!

Since we were having dinner and taking a dish, what better to use 
for the hostess than a dish towel.
She didn't let us use it when we were doing the dishes....
oh well!

This was such a fun blog hop, I have been to every blog 
a few times looking now I want to go back and 
I love blog hops just because you get to see blogs 
you might never have found with out the hop.
And after visiting them that would have been sad.
I love finding new blogs and friends and if you do to 
make sure to get a nice warm cup of tea and start

I want to say thanks to Pauline for all her hard work
and making it thru computer problems.
Thats as bad as sewing machine issues!
And even sickness, She hung in there and we are so glad!
And Madame Samm she is so sweet to
let us all join in on the fun!

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You will be so glad you did.
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