My FREE Quilt!

Doing it from memory was hard....I should have taken a picture or 
better yet, looked it up on line like I did for this post.
Thats what happens when you have to have it NOW!!

Yep That how I see it!
I went to a Quilt Shop and they had the cutest quilt kit....
but not pattern...
the kit was 90 something dollars but they were out of the patterns.
so I could buy the kit and sooner or later pick up the pattern...
or get on line and order it and maybe in a week or so get the pattern in the mail....
well by then I would be on to bigger and better projects and this quilt would end up in the quilt kit collection. I wanted it now!!
I was doing my tree and it would be so cute hanging next to the tree.
So I didn't buy the kit for this Meme pattern:

I went home and made my own!!
The way I see it is ...
I saved $9 dollars for the pattern, they didn't have anyway.
And 90 something for the kit.
I used what I had in my stash and so 
a FREE quilt!

I think mine is close to Meme's....
kind of...

We had a party so I had to hang it before I got it quilted...
no one even noticed...
I am the only quilter in my family....
so they don't even notice unless I tell them
so shhhhh

See my FREE quilt goes with the tree.

I might bind it with the same red I used for the inside border.
I am also going to add a few yoyo's as the flower centers and more 
buttons here and there.

The little table was mine when I was a little girl and 
now my Grand kids sit at it and color and eat.
I love it!
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