Stitching Faster Than I Quilt

Kelly has been stitching up a storm!

He's going to be done stitching this quilt before I finish an easy one.

This is the cutest quilt EVER!!


Ring Ring Ring

I finally got to sew the "so Far" pieces together.
Next row will have several phones going all around.

I think this one needs a cord and the circles with numbers.

I did one of my favorite blocks around the edges.
This has been a fun quilt to even just imagine.
Bur I am stuck on the row after the phones, when
I get that far I will show you and maybe someone will have a suggestion.


Merry Christmas!


We Love Snowmen!

I love this Pattern by Crabapple Hill
This is the new project for my stitching Husband!!
I am so excited and he is a fast stitcher too!

He off to a  good start A B and C are done.
C is not pictured it kept turning upside down.

Its laying on another project...LOL
you can never have to many going.

Kelly loves this one so he is really going to town to finish it.

I love having a stitching husband!

Snowing in the San Juan Islands

If I was here on vacation I would be saying....Oh No!!!
But since I live here and its Christmas I say " How pretty".
It looks beautiful on all the trees.

Christmas Tree and Sewing!

This is our small tree since we haven't bought a home yet and are still renting, we don't have much room so a 3 foot will have to do! Besides I didn't mind buying it....I now have another one!!
Kelly didn't think of that

I wish my pictures were a bit lighter...but the sun was shining to bright...

I did get in some sewing this weekend. I made pillows for my pillow shams.
I bought pillows while I was on the main land but I forgot to get king size.
So now I am making them. Good thing I am a fabric collector so I have plenty of fabric to make them with.

Easy! Pillows are so simple to make.
My bed will be beautiful!!


Blaming Madame Sam!

I found my sewing room bliss fabric!!
I am going to do my sewing room from curtains
to ironing table cover.
And my Dress Form Collection will be perfect with this!

This line is called "She who Sews' by Janet Wecker Frisch
And I am blaming my new obsession on 
Madame Sam at 
She had the cutest icon for one of their wonderful blog hops and I couldn't 
help but go look!
Dang I was to late to sign up but not to late to shop for this darling fabric!!!
I can't wait for the hop with these fabrics!
If you haven't been over to her blog you must.
Her hops are so fun because you get to see projects by so many talented people!

So can you now see why this line is my new obsession. 
I am going to do everything in my new sewing room in this line.
I love it!

And if you go over to Janet's site you can order large prints to frame....
I did!

These are just pictures of the first package I got in the mail.
I did have to go to several different sites to order.

So I think I still am expecting 3 more packages.

I wish this came in Wallpaper too!

Janet does have a quilt pattern coming soon.
Hope she hurries before I finish everything....LOL

Can't you see all the possibilities !

Curtains, pincushions, ironing board cover, chair cover, 
smash book cover, sewing mating cover....
oh my gosh the possibilities ! 

I might even have to make Madame Samm's cute Tammy Bag with some of this!

Starting with this....can't you just picture the cutest valance.
Oh Madame Samm you are in so much trouble....
or I should say Thank you for the Darling find!!!
I won't tell my husband its all your fault I spent so much on this
 "Have to Have" fabric Line!
This was the icon that started it all...


Wishing you....

A very happy Thanksgiving week.
I hope you don't work to hard...
Don't eat way to much....
and have so much fun with family and friends!


Been So Busy

I have been so busy and we have lost the Internet on the islands for the last 10 days. So i have been working and couldn't post.
These are pictures taken by Mike Hurley from an airplane of the barge Centurylink had to get to fix the cut cable in the San Juan Islands

This was an amazing venture that took the help and skills of the best of the best Centurylink hires.

We had so many people helping to as quick as possible to make this restoration happen.
I was so proud to be a part of this and work with so many talented people.

We are back up and working....
thanks to the hard work of to many to mention!

Looks Like a New Machine

I love the new look of my Bernina!

 In the move to the Islands the front of my machine got scuffed up and 
I was so sad until I found it a  "Skin".

You get to design it how you want and so I used my favorite 
scrap book paper and a vintage postcard.
I just love it.
If you want to do one too then go to:®-us
It real is fun.

Let it Ring

This is my progress so far for the quilt I am making for my office.
I work at the phone company and so I think my office not only 
needs a quilt but one with phones.

This is the middle square, I am winging this one so I am hoping it
all comes together. 

This is one of my favorite blocks so I thought it needed to be in this quilt.

I am going with a vintage theme and I have a huge book shelf 
in my office.
 So I thought it would be fun to use old phones as decorations. 

You think working at the phone company there would be old phones somewhere...
Nope....So looking on Ebay so some fun ones.

I am having so much fun planning as I go. 
Cross your fingers it will all work out.

Next row will be phones.....

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