DIY Cookbook Hutch!

I love Cookbooks! 
I read them like most people read novels.
And I had them everywhere.
So thats when the the idea for a "Cookbook Hutch" was born.

That is where my husband comes in....he's my very own Handyman!
So we decided to make an entertainment center into the Cookbook Hutch.
He Can Do Anything I think of!

We took off the back because it had a big hole cut out for a TV, and 
My Handyman replaced it with a solid piece of wood.

And he had to add a shelf.

It was way to cold outside so we had to do it right in the kitchen.
I didn't mind at all since I finally was going to have my Cookbook Hutch.

See how nice it it is going to look with my cupboards and the yellow walls.

I am so excited i can't believe it.
And I had to add the paper doilies to the shelves.
It just adds so much....hehehehe.

All my cookbooks and recipe boxes in one place!

Doesn't it look Beautiful!

Had to put a tea pot by the Tea cookbook.

I was so glad it had drawers too!

I just love how many I could get into the drawers.

I do have some funny cookbooks. This is one of my favorites.
It is really funny as well as has some good recipes too.

Some are really good cookbooks and...

some are really good as well as so darling.

Some are from places  we have lived by  
and some are from place we have gone on trips too.

I love cute recipes boxes too! 
I am glad I only have a few of those.
I am now thinking about what that great Handyman can do next!

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