The Stitchery in December

I just had to share this stitchery my Husband finished for me in December.
I just love it.
We were trying to decide what to do with it next ...
Frame it, quilt it or what.
I did see someone on line made it into a pillow....
to much work to have it laid on...

It turned out so pretty.
We took it over to Michaels to have it framed with our 60% coupon.
With the Coupon they wanted 189.00 dollars to frame it...
Can you believe it....
So we went over to the fames (that were 50% off) and we did it ourselves 
for 35.00 dollars.....with a matt!!
Soon as I get finished framing I will show you.
So we did decide on framing.
And I have the perfect spot soon as the Christmas tree comes down.
I know I have to take it down soon....

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