Quilty Friends


Its getting close to Christmas so if you need an idea for your quilty friends
a pincushion is always a good idea.

Have a Great Day

May your Day be filled with sunshine and Surprises!

Sweet Courthouse Steps


Sometimes you just want something sweet.
Courthouse Steps is a pattern I found on Missouri Quilt Company's you tube videos.
I love Jenny's Videos!

Table Runner Fun


I have been working on a table runner using "Perfect Circles"
and Lori Holt's "Bloom" Templates.

Friendship Club


In our Quilt Group we have what is called Friendship Group.
We had a sign up and have 16 wonderful sewing women that
signed up. Each Woman get a month and when it your turn you pick a block
you want your friends to sew for you.

Favorite New Scrap Buster!

Do you have a bunch of left overs?
Want a fun project to use the up?
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