New Pantry Door!

My new Pantry Door!!
I was so excited when my Dream Maker Husband finished this door.
I have been waiting a long time but it was worth the wait.
I got the door from a old farmhouse that was being torn down. Kelly
added a window and the decorative shelf and topper. 

This was my old door...
nice but not a farmhouse pantry door...

Yes!!! More like it!
Now it just needs so vinyl lettering and a lace curtain.

 We were 1/2 way done with the vinyl lettering.
Adaline is Papa's helper. 
She hands him tools and has to have the first look. 

I have a daughter that regularly checks the due dates 
on everything in the pantry, So we added the 
"Expiration Dates Regularly Checked" For her.

Did you really think he was done .....
We needed new spice racks installed 
on the inside.

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