Fun Day at the Forever Farmhouse

On our farm we have so much fun with all our animals.
This is BFF.
We call him this because he has a huge crush on my daughter Darcey.
We he sees he he always has to puff up and strutt around so she will 
talk to him.

Today Addie and I went with Kelly feeding and She likes 
just following the chickens where ever they go.

BFF strutted for her too.

This is Addie and she loves to be outside and with the animals.
She loves to help Kelly let them out everyday.

They do tend to go away from Addie and if he keeps coming
 its into the woods they go.

This Kelly grabbing a few sticker plants on the way up.
When summer hits we are so glad he pulled those.

Addie likes to watch as the sheep and alpacas eat.
She always is trying to get them to take it from her.
They are to focused on eating right now.

Hummingway likes to kiss her on the head.

Her head gets a bit

Now down to visit Annabelle. 

Annabelle loves to eat. And she just lets Addie 
pet and pet her.

Now it Fancy the turtles turn....
Someone is always hungry at our place.
Stop by again....
you never know what we are up to.

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