"Farm Girl Vintage" Fun

I am dying to get started making things from Lori's new book
Farm Girl Vintage
So I am doing a mini quilt for above my stove. 
Dipping my toe in the pond to test it out!

The waters perfect!!
I probably should make some hot pads too!
Wink Wink
I loved making this hen and the directions were very easy to follow.
And the book is worth every penny.
I love how she did a Ton of blocks in 2 sizes and then did quilts you can put any of the blocks in because they all fit! She even has some that both sizes fit together.
It was a great idea! 
You won't be sorry because you can make these any style by just changing your fabric choices.
I like French Country where some girls are using more of a Gracey look.
And I saw 1 looking more modern.

If you want to stop over to Lori's blog here address is:
She is starting a new sew along in May you won't want to miss.
If you follow along on Instagram you can see everyone's fabric choices and its so fun just seeing how they all turn out.
On Instagram go to #farmgirlvintagefever to see them.
Oh and if you haven't joined Instagram... I am sorry...... you are missing a ton of fun!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Cute - very cute! blessings, marlene

Jocelyn said...

This is just too cute!

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