A Mansion for the Love Birds!

Ok here's how the story went.....My husband was working out of town and I thought...I need to paint the kitchen....so I bought paint and my daughter and her boyfriend painted the kitchen/family room. Well after the painting was done I decided I really need a new couch... because the old one really doesn't match. So we carried out the old couches (they were so comfy but now ugly)....and I looked over and the fireplace really needs a mantel..huummm......but I am on a mission for new couches so never mind the mantel.....we went to every store in town and nothing matched the paint color I just had the kids paint the walls....well except the fabric I found for curtains.....so a few more furniture stores.....And.... look at this darling bird house I found for my Love Birds!!!! I couldn't believe my find!! And that really isn't the price I paid either ....it was 1/2 off. So then you have to buy it!! Those birds are going to be so happy and the cage matches all the trim in the kitchen/family room. And I have the perfect wall to put the cage by. And it will be perfect next to the new fireplace mantel my husband has been working on and match the couch I am redoing with the perfect curtain fabric. It was such a busy weekend couch shopping........

Blogging Around Friday!!

I decided in my new blog I would Love to share all the fun blogs I find. And so Friday is now "Blogging Around Friday". There are so many fun blogs to look at on so many subjects. I am starting with one of my favorites!!!
I love this blog for several reasons. It is done so well. I love the topper, it is so pretty. All the pictures are beautiful and Cynthia's decorating is amazing. It is so much fun just to see what she will come up with next. I really enjoy looking at a blog that looks like she really enjoys blogging. And she seems so fun.

Another thing I love about her blog is the blogs she has listed on her blog list. I seem to click on blog lists that have pictures and hers does. I am wondering if that makes me just a picture follower....oh well if thats the case I am spending alot of time on her blog clicking on the one she likes!

Its fun to see the projects she come up with. And the finished projects are always beautiful!! So if you haven't been to her blog you have got to go... grab a cup of tea and sit in a comfy chair because you will be so glad you did!

If you have any favorites be sure to leave a comment and tell me!


What A Cute Face!

Isn't this the cutest face you ever saw!
This is Jackson my youngest grandson. He just barly turned 1 and weighs 35 lbs! He is the happiest baby and refuses to walk if you are looking. He just has those cheeks you want to kiss and kiss. I think he's getting sick of everyone kissing him to pieces. Aunt Bethany is his favorite and a close 2nd goes to Papa. He loves Papa to hum in his ear. No else can do it like him. I just love Grandkids, its so fun to sugar them up and send them home....:)

Move Over Neelys the Clarks are in Town!

If you have read any of my other blogs you have heard me mention going to cooking classes at Melanie's! She FINALLY got her own blog and so I thought would tell you more. I love going to cooking class taught by Melanie and she almost always has her sidekick/ husband Mathew helping her. The Neely's might as well give it up, because not only are the Clark's amazing cooks but a really fun couple. I really look forward to cooking class. I have taken classes all over the place and Melanie's are by far the best! She always has a lot of recipes and you definitely don't leave hungry!
She and Mathew are full of so much helpful information and cooking hints that alone is worth the class. I have known Melanie for to many years to count....well I think we are both enternally 39 so it doesn't matter how long. But she has alway been an amazing cook so when I heard she was teaching cooking class I was there! She also does catering on the side as well as having freezer meals you can buy at class if you only want her cooking. She works at the Bosch Store on highland drive also. Thats were I took the picture above. In Melanie's class you will learn about every product the bosch store has because Melanie uses them. She also does almost all of her shopping at Costco....both store should be paying her for the great advertisment.
I have never taken a more organized and well thought out class...They even have bottles of water!
Melanie's classes are the lowest price ever! I would say how much but you'll fall off your chair! Just believe me you can't eat out at a restarant and get a cooking class for this low price.
Now I did tell you she has now entered the blogging world so here is her address:
He blog was designed by her also talented daughter!
So go stop by and visit.


Hummmm...Give me a minute while I decide Just what to blog about!.....
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