Yoyo Mama's Mug Rug Fun

This was such a fun exchange ....
oh my gosh we have a lot of talented YoYo Ladies...
Every one of these mug rugs were darling!
If you need to click on the picture so you can see it bigger!

So Sweet!

I don't know how this ended up upside down...so cute!

This is the one I was lucky enough to get but since I am 
the camera girl I had Betty hold it since she made it.
I am so lucky!

Doesn't she look happy she got that one..

Black and white with a black mug I do think Betty loved it!

Just as cute as the package it was in.

All laid out to see.

Pat is the most organized of our bunch and because of her 
everything went smooth.

So darling 

This one is worth enlarging the picture...

Yes we had a pot luck and it turned out to be a lot of yummy

Look at all that work...

How fun and it would be great for every day 

So cute too!
These all turned out so darling but I don't think I could really use them
I think framing .....
little works of art! 


Mug Rug

I love Mug Rugs!
There is something about them that makes a
cup of tea that much more special.

The Yoyo Mama's are doing a Mug Rug
for the christmas exchange this week.
I have made several and didn't like any of them.
But I finally like one.
So I really hope who ever gets mine
likes it too.

I couldn't get this picture to turn...
oh well you get it...
I always quilt up a yard of a fabric I really like
then I can use it for mug rugs, hot pads and
oven mitts. Makes it easy for a fast gift if I
have some on hand.

When I make these I use the same stuff for the inside
that I use to make hotpads. I can't remember what it is called.
I have been racking my brain to tell you ....
but ...I cant remember.
I buy it at JoAnn's and I am sure if you ask them
for the batting for hotpads they will take you right to it.

Since we are "YoYo Mamas" I had to work in a Yoyo.
This was so fun but I can't believe how much time I spent
trying to decide what kind to make...
I looked at a million (I am sure thats an accurate count)
mugs and cups and I thought I would make one that matches...
Then I thought a strip mug and a polka dot mug rug...
or a floral mug and a strip mug rug....
or a plain mug and a bright mug rug...
see the possibilities.....
then I saw the glass mug....
Goes with everything....YEAH!
then what fabric....oh my Gosh!!!
I will try to get pictures to show you
of the other ones the girls made.


Mug Rugs

We are having a Mug Rug Exchange
for Christmas at "YoYo Mamas" this
Now I can't show you the one I made for
club ... until after club starts...so I have the post ready
and it will post while I am at the meeting on Wednesday.
I will try to get pictures of the other girls Mug Rugs.
I had so much fun trying to decide what one to
Should I piece it, quilt it, stitch it or applique it...
so many choices and what fabric to use....
such a dilemma...
I even thought I should make the one I have the pattern for on etsy:
but I didn't ...and you will have to back on Wednesday to see
what I came up with.
I did use the same fabric for the back ground....since I quilt a yard
so I have some on hand.
I had so much fun ...so come back Wednesday...


What is Santa Bringing To your House?

As I go out shopping for all the Boys we have
 I keep finding all of the cute little girl things.
Look how sweet this kitchen is...

And this one....
Ok I am back on track...


I am so glad I nieces too!

I think I have this outfit....

You know if I only had girls
 I would only find presents for boys...
Go figure....


1 Quilt Down 20 to Go!

I finally got this quilt quilted!! It was 1 of many tops 
that got finished but before I quilted it I got the bug 
to start another top....
That sure happens to me a lot!

I just love the scrappy quilts....
the more fabric the merrier!

Jax's is trying to clam it before anyone else!
He loves all the colors too!


Free Holiday Cheer!

I just wanted to let my followers know how much I truely
appericate their support sooo...
I am working on the free pattern for all of my followers
(for Christmas) 
and I am hoping to start sending it out tommorrow.
That way if you want to stitch it on a dish towel,
or anything else, before Christmas you can.
So start watching your email and get
your needles ready to start stitching!
Thanks again for stopping by
And Merry Christmas!

Time to get Started!

Ok I held off as long as I could but I really want to get my tree up.
The lights are on the house but no tree...
I had to wait until after Thanksgiving since my family think I get
a little carried away with the whole Christmas things.
But I love having the Christmas tree up and turning out the
lights in the room and enjoying the lights on the tree...
I love it.
And yes the Christmas music has been going for a while...
no I won't tell you how long ...


Happy Thanksgiving!

May you day be filled with family, friends and fun.

Super Sewing Saturday

Look How far we are.
Ryan is so proud of his sewing.

See boys can sew too!

Elijah wants a lot more!
He doesn't think he is very far from being done!

Got to go make more!
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