Time to get Started!

Ok I held off as long as I could but I really want to get my tree up.
The lights are on the house but no tree...
I had to wait until after Thanksgiving since my family think I get
a little carried away with the whole Christmas things.
But I love having the Christmas tree up and turning out the
lights in the room and enjoying the lights on the tree...
I love it.
And yes the Christmas music has been going for a while...
no I won't tell you how long ...


Happy Thanksgiving!

May you day be filled with family, friends and fun.

Super Sewing Saturday

Look How far we are.
Ryan is so proud of his sewing.

See boys can sew too!

Elijah wants a lot more!
He doesn't think he is very far from being done!

Got to go make more!

"Lovin From My Oven

Here it is done!
I really enjoyed making this dish towel and I think it will make a great gift.
After I finished I thought I should have framed this one for my kitchen wall. 
I thought it would be cute with a mat cut like a pie. 
I might have to make it again.
And you can get the pattern at my easy shop:
All of my patterns come with a yummy recipe too. 
You won't be able to decide if you should cook or sew first.

Preview New Pattern!

This is a sneek peek at my new pattern.
 I am almost done...
Have I told you how much I love making dish towels.
They make the best gifts.
The only bad thing is my stitching Husband
is out of town this week so I am having to do my
own stitching.....I know ...sad huh...
I really miss him....
This one,  I thought for the holidays would make a great gift
if you add a pie or a can of pie filling and a cute pie plate.
Soon as its done you will be the first to know...
And yes it will on my Etsy Shop.
Giggle ..Giggle... I love making dish towels!


Sewing Saturday

Yes! Boys like to sew too! 
We had Sewing Saturday and this is Elijah on his turn at the machine.
The boys are sewing 5 inch blocks together 
to make a quilt for watching TV. 
I think it will take a few saturdays to finish but that OK since I love 
having a day with them.

This is Jackson and Ryan playing on the iPad 
 waiting their turn at the sewing machine.
After sewing squares we practicing ironing 
and if the one sewing wasn't finished then its
 Angry Bird time!
This is a fun project since I have a tone of 5 inch squares. 
The boys picked what squares they want in their quilt
 and they had to decide what ones went together. 
This took forever and I loved watching how 
important this part was to the boys. 
They even started trading....LOL
I will post their progress later.

Sadie's First Snow

Sadie is our lovable Bassett Hound and this was her first snow.
Our other dog Lucy has already been thru 1 winter and 
usually she doesn't like any cold or wet weather. 
Getting them outside this morning was so hard 
but I do think they enjoyed it.

Getting tired now.

Sadie loves the snow!! 

Lucy Like the patio best !
Aren't dogs funny.
Lucy is also very dramatic she came in and has to lay by a 
heater vent.
I don't think I am going to have any trouble 
getting Sadie outside next time.
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