Darcey's Delicious Posole' Soup Recipe

Doesn't this look good!
My Daughter makes the best Posole' soup.
It is one of our family favorites and I even talked her into making it for me when I had to take something for our potluck at christmas time. 
Everyone wanted the recipe!
Well...it has taken FOREVER but she is finally sharing the recipe!
My Daughter Darcey has her OWN blog and just posted the recipe there.
She even has more pictures...
She said its very easy to make....I can only say its very easy to eat and eat and eat.
SO...stop on over to her blog and get the recipe...
And if you are a GEO cacher you will enjoy your visit!

This is Darcey and her main squeeze...Ted.
They love Geocaching together!

You won't be sorry with the recipe or the visit!
So click on over...


StitchinByTheLake said...

Debbie I remember (I think) that you once posted something about the tea towels you use for your embroidery. I bought a package of the old fashioned kind, all white, thin and very large. I've washed them all and they are quite wrinkled. I'm wondering if you cut them down any or if you use them the size they come, if those are the kind you use. Thanks! blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

Thanks mom. I love your post. Thanks so much. Love u.

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