Beary Yummy

Beary Yummy
is one of my new patterns.
Couldn't you just hug the stuffing out of him!
Be careful you might get sticky!
You can stitch up your own by clicking on the following link to order:

I have been very busy and so has my stitching husband!
I just love that guy!
Keep your eyes open I am going to be posting more....


Nana's Bed

I love pillowcases  that have been embroidered on and so I decided it was time to take a break from dish towels and do a set of pillow cases.

I bought a rod iron bed for the Quilt suite/ guest room.
And what would make it that much more special than a set of embroidered pillow cases!
(that my husband stitched)

When I get the room done I will share more pictures of the bed.
You can make a set yourself and the pattern is at:
This was such a fun pattern to make

Finally !

I have been so busy but the free pattern finally got done and sent!
If you left a comment from the blog hop but didn't get your free pattern send me and email at and I will be happy to send you one.
There were a few girls I couldn't find your email address. 
So check your email and junk (just in case)!


Busy Busy Busy!

I finished my quilt that I did 2  weekends ago with the girls in "Sewknots". 
This picture was taken just before I did the embroidery.
But...Its done. When I hang it I will show you the pictures. 
We have such a fun group its always so fun when we get together!
After this I spent this weekend figuring out my embroidery machine!
All I can say is its a good thing I knew a little about computers.
Putting the the pictures into the computer and then to a thumb drive then to the sewing machine as no fun. But I finally won! And it works like a dream!


This is me this week! 
My stitching husband is so far ahead of me it isn't funny. 
I have at least 10 new patterns that he has stitched for me, but I don't have them in pattern form yet.
So look at the picture above and that is me when I walk in the house and he is done with another one!
I thought if I drew a fluffy duck it would take him longer but nooooo....

I keep showing you the new stitcheries and the patterns will follow I promise.
But got to go my Husband needs more to stitch!


My Turn on "It's For the Birds" Hop

Thanks again to Mary and Samm for all the hard work that goes into hosting a blog hop.
I love doing these and seeing what all the girls come up with.
Well...I bet you are so surprised to see a dish towel.....
hahahahaha... I love dish towels!

I couldn't decide just what to do...
I was going to do an applique...
Then....I was going to do paper piecing....
But you know when it cam right down to it ...
I had to do a stitchery....

I love to do pretty dish towels.

And its so fun to crochet around the edges. Its such a nice touch. On dish towels it is so easy.
I just push the hook thru the flour sack and single crochet all the way around the edge. Change color and single crochet again all the way around. No I don't turn. Then chain 4 and single crochet in every other single crochet. See Easy!

Now for the fun part...the Giveaway!
Everyone who adds me to there blog roll and leaves a comment will get a free stitchery pattern.
That's easy too!
Oh but there is a catch .....
you can only do this until midnight may 15th 2013 then the offer flys away.

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"It's For the Birds" Blog Hop Starts Tomorrow

Thanks goes out to Mary and Samm for coming up with such a great idea for a blog hop!
Here is the schedule so be sure to stop by all the blogs, I am sure you will be glad you did!

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