Looks Like a New Machine

I love the new look of my Bernina!

 In the move to the Islands the front of my machine got scuffed up and 
I was so sad until I found it a  "Skin".

You get to design it how you want and so I used my favorite 
scrap book paper and a vintage postcard.
I just love it.
If you want to do one too then go to:
It real is fun.

Let it Ring

This is my progress so far for the quilt I am making for my office.
I work at the phone company and so I think my office not only 
needs a quilt but one with phones.

This is the middle square, I am winging this one so I am hoping it
all comes together. 

This is one of my favorite blocks so I thought it needed to be in this quilt.

I am going with a vintage theme and I have a huge book shelf 
in my office.
 So I thought it would be fun to use old phones as decorations. 

You think working at the phone company there would be old phones somewhere...
Nope....So looking on Ebay so some fun ones.

I am having so much fun planning as I go. 
Cross your fingers it will all work out.

Next row will be phones.....


Phone Business

You can never have to many projects going.....
This is my new one I started today for my office.
I think I will use buttons for the dialing buttons so I will add those after the quilting is done.
Since I work for the phone company I thought it would be fun to do one with telephones to hang on the wall behind my desk.
1 block down and who knows how many to go....

I Live in Paradise

I love my new location ....San Juan Islands.
I live on San Juan in Friday Harbor but I visit the other 
islands each week.
I know tuff duty....I love it.

These pictures were taken as I drove from one spot to another and as I was driving I was thinking just how beautiful it is. So I pulled out my phone and took a few pictures.

This really is paradise and if you have never been to the San Juan Islands in Washington you really should.

I just feel so  lucky to get to enjoy this amazing place.

Each place on the islands are different and all very pretty.

I think I need a boat next....
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