What's in the Box!

It's a fun surprise...For Me!
I couldn't  help myself....Do you know how addicting Ebay is?
I am a sucker for Children sewing machines.

This is a Betsy Ross! I thought is was so cute. I love the red case.
I can't believe what great condition its in.

I feel like a little girl again just looking at it. When I was little my
Mom got me a Singer machine for childrem. Oh my I thought I was so big!
I knew just having it and sewing those straight stitches was making me sew a pro.
I would practice over and over and I loved every minute of it.
My sister loved her Easy Bake Oven.....
She loves to bake and I love to sew...
See how important those toys are.

Quilt Along Ready!

I am so ready for the Quilt along (button on the right side if you want to join).
I had the hardest time picking my jelly roll .....there are so many new
fabrics out right now.But I decided on "Moda's OZ".

This is my side pieces and sashing. I am so excited to start.
It is going to be so fun.I think this will be a fun project nice and bright.
You might want to click on over and see
what all the fun is going to be about.

Where Did I get that Cute Pattern?

This is the latest Pattern from:
and the same place I got the one I am working on in my last post.
The more I thought about it the more I thought I just had to show
 you how cute her patterns are.
If you don't knit after looking at these cute patterns you will want to.


Nuts For Knitting!

Do you like to knit?
 I do, but I am not that great at it.
I can knit as long as I don't have to change colors. And I love quick gradifications!
Wash cloths are just that. This is the one I just started and will look like an
 ice cream bar when done. I will admit crocheting is faster for wash cloths but
sometimes its is just fun to do something different. I was surfing
(as usual) and I found the cutest site. With patterns, and they are done in
 PDF files so you can order them and download them right now.
See another quick gradification...what can I say. And their patterns are
done really well. I did copy the ones I bought on card stock and then
put then in plastic sleeves. And they copied well too. they have a new
out called "Desserts Cloths" and they are so cute. But a warning comes
with this site..."Habit Forming". you will want to down load them all NOW!
 So stop by and let me know which one you will be starting with. LOL

Baby Fun

Its time for a baby shower...I love baby showers!
My cousin is having a baby girl!!
I love making quilts for girls and there aren't very many in our family right now.
Thimble Blossom has the cutest patterns it was so hard to decide.

Doesn't this look like a girly quilt!!

I think this one is going to turn out really cute...
I hope so anyway....
ok I better get busy!!

So Glad its Gone!

My grandkids hate this picture...because this means they have to stay inside.
Opps...tha's only if the only if someone is on the computer...

This one just seems sad to me ....weather veins remind me of spring!

I am so looking forward to some warm weather!


Apron Giveaway!

Its this apron beautiful...
go on over to
to enter....
I am dying to win!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

YoYo Pincushion

I needed a new pin cushion....hahaha ...one can never have to many pin cushions...So I will start again...
I wanted to make a new pin cushion....

So I cut 2 circles  the size of a salad plate...
and that is just what I traced...
I traced this onto a piece of paper and when I was done I folded the circle in half...
and in half again...and in half again. 
About 1 1/2 inches from the raw edge I cut a scallop
 and it looks like the next picture. I pined and cut that piece out of wool.

I then Blanket stitched it to one of the circle pieces.

I traced 2 leaves and stitched them down the same as the scallop.

I added 3 yoyo's I made with the yellow yoyo maker
and I used the basket stitch to stitch them down too!
I took the other circle and with right sides together stitched around
edge leaving an opening for stuffing and turning.
After turning and stuffing I stitched it closed
and added rick rack around the edge.
And where I stitched the ends together
 I added the bow to cover the seams.
Set on a small cake plate and enjoy!!


More Valentines!

Isn't she sweet...
Remember trying to find the perfect card for that one boy..

Good boy one...
Oh my ...Pebbles and BamBam how sweet!
Oh and we needed sissors for this kind!
Have a Great Day!

More Valentines!

There are so many valentine's out there who could ever choose...
I just love Valentines....
When I was kid and we made Valentine boxes for school to put them in...
I love doing that every year.
I felt sad when they quit doing that in schools...
so Happy
Day to


Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

I just couldn't decide which card to send you....
There are so many to choose from....
I know some like the cooking ones...
Some like the sweet animal ones....
Some like cute ....
And others like cupid...

some the cute vintage ones....
No matter which you like I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
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