Making Christmas Gift

I am so excited with how cute these turned out.
They were so easy to make and we had so much fun.

I can't wait to give these to my girlfriends.
If you want to make some to Stop by at Keri's Blog "Shaken Together":
Her blog is fun you might want to look around a bit!


New Sewing Table

Changes in my sewing room seem to always be happening.

Happy Halloween

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author unknown


Hooked on Houses has the Story

Did you know Practical Magic was filmed in Friday Harbor where I live....
I love this show especially this time of year and so I was happy to read this over at Hooked on Houses.
you can read the story at:

There are several pictures showing how they built the house. 
I love this house and kitchen is to die for.
If you haven't  seen it yet it s a fun one to watch and if you have seen it you can watch it again and thing on me!
I love living here!


Some Pig Annabelle

What a pig!
Annabelle has been a fun addition to our farm.

Happy Farm Animals

We have several sweet animals on our farm.
And Sir Lambsalot has to be one of my favorites.

Where would you love to sew today?

I would love to be sewing today with my sweet friend 
Diana White! 

Happy Sewing Day!

Any day I get to sew is a happy day for me.

Decorating with Signs

This is a new sign my daughter and husband made for me this week and I love it!!
I love decorating with signs but can you have to many?

Where would you Love to Sew Today?

I think I would just love to stay home today and sew and sew
in my own sewing room.......

New Blog!

My blog had a new face!
After Photobucket changed their policy I changed my blog!
I will say it was worth all the work and time (a lot still to do) to not pay Photobucket
399.00 for pictures a web designer did for me years ago.
They have closed their doors and so they won't be paying Photobucket and even if I do,
it won't fix my blog.
So at first I was so upset and made several attempts to resolve and finally decide it was time for a change.
SO I sat down and bought a Template from Georgia Lou Studios and was ever glad.
My template was $15.00 and then they have all the training on their site to make it your own.
I had so much fun learning everything they have to offer.
I am still learning but I guess now I can sat Thank you Photobucket for screwing up my blog!



Framed and hung!
 I am so excited it done.

Laundry Room

My washer and dryer die!
It was so sad for me, I get attached to my washer and dryer
 like I do my car, favorite chair or even my cat.

Summer Ready

 I am so ready for Summer!
Are you ready too?
 I really want to try some fun tea recipes.

Quilted Tablecloth

2inch square

I found these 2 in squares and started sewing them together.
And then added edges a few times and
pretty soon it was big enough for a tablecloth.

New Sewing Table

I have a new sewing table!
My husband took my sewing table (on right)
and remade it using another base to make me
and "L" shaped sewing table!

Its The Small Things in Life

Some Things just call for small hexies.
I will admit they are a bit tricky to work with being so small,
but I am sure the outcome will be worth it. These are going to be the center of a flower.
Well see.... It may turn out to be a bad idea.....we'll see.


Valentine Quilting

I am doing some Valentine Sewing!
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