Snowmen Advice!

Don't you just love Snowmen!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all you a very Merry Christmas!
And may may your holiday be filled with happiness and lots of giggles.


For Christmas...


Gingerbread Pattern!

Yes another one!
Gingerbreads are really one of my favorites.
And I love the smell of gingerbread...
oh and gingerbread lattes!
My cookbook on etsy has some really cute gingerbread patterns too, some are appliqued.


Ms. Snowman

Here is the my other Snowman pattern.
Ms. Snowman

I love the star eyes.
She is at my Etsy shop too.

I love Snowmen!

Another new pattern!
After doing the snowman quilt for the kitchen/family room,
I had to make dish towels.

Cute little star eyes!
you know why I love snowmen.....
I figured out if you do your Christmas tree in snowmen
then you can keep it up longer because snowmen can stay up long then

I think Santa's need to be put away right after Christmas...
Snowmen can stay out way into January!
Good Idea huh?
Stop by in a few days for the girl one!
You can see all my patterns at:
See you soon!

Did You Get It?

All of the people who left a comment during the Blog Hop should have received
their free pattern today, if you didn't I couldn't find your email address.
Let me know if you didn't get yours and what your email address is so i can get it to you. 
This is the pattern Blog Hop Comment-ers got for free.
I think it would be great on a set of pillow cases too.
I am putting it on my Etsy Shop for anyone who missed out and wants it.
This is a very easy pattern and works up quick.
Keep watching I have another one I will post next.
Hint: It will go with my Snowman theme in my kitchen ...
already posted the quilt.


My FREE Quilt!

Doing it from memory was hard....I should have taken a picture or 
better yet, looked it up on line like I did for this post.
Thats what happens when you have to have it NOW!!

Yep That how I see it!
I went to a Quilt Shop and they had the cutest quilt kit....
but not pattern...
the kit was 90 something dollars but they were out of the patterns.
so I could buy the kit and sooner or later pick up the pattern...
or get on line and order it and maybe in a week or so get the pattern in the mail....
well by then I would be on to bigger and better projects and this quilt would end up in the quilt kit collection. I wanted it now!!
I was doing my tree and it would be so cute hanging next to the tree.
So I didn't buy the kit for this Meme pattern:

I went home and made my own!!
The way I see it is ...
I saved $9 dollars for the pattern, they didn't have anyway.
And 90 something for the kit.
I used what I had in my stash and so 
a FREE quilt!

I think mine is close to Meme's....
kind of...

We had a party so I had to hang it before I got it quilted...
no one even noticed...
I am the only quilter in my family....
so they don't even notice unless I tell them
so shhhhh

See my FREE quilt goes with the tree.

I might bind it with the same red I used for the inside border.
I am also going to add a few yoyo's as the flower centers and more 
buttons here and there.

The little table was mine when I was a little girl and 
now my Grand kids sit at it and color and eat.
I love it!

My turn in the Blog Hop!

Yes! Its my turn for the blog hop! I am posting a bit early but couldn't wait!
I just love Jill over at jillily studio and her house pillow is so cute. 
It was such a fun design to use for the blog hop.
I couldn't decided just what I wanted to make and 
we were going to dinner with friends and I wanted a 
gift for the hostess.
So I decided to use the blog hop pattern.
(You can too it free at Jill's blog)
You can add all of your own ideas and personalized it how you want!

Since we were having dinner and taking a dish, what better to use 
for the hostess than a dish towel.
She didn't let us use it when we were doing the dishes....
oh well!

This was such a fun blog hop, I have been to every blog 
a few times looking now I want to go back and 
I love blog hops just because you get to see blogs 
you might never have found with out the hop.
And after visiting them that would have been sad.
I love finding new blogs and friends and if you do to 
make sure to get a nice warm cup of tea and start

I want to say thanks to Pauline for all her hard work
and making it thru computer problems.
Thats as bad as sewing machine issues!
And even sickness, She hung in there and we are so glad!
And Madame Samm she is so sweet to
let us all join in on the fun!

Make sure you stop by the other blogs:

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For Stopping by I will send out a FREE stitchery pattern to you if you leave me a comment. If clicking your name doesn't get me your email address please leave it so I can email you the Free Pattern! They will come to you in PDF format and I will be mailing them out starting on Dec 8th!
If this is the first time you are stopping by my blog and want to see what my style of stitcheries are, you can take a look at my etsy shop click below;

Thank you so much for stopping by and make sure you stop by the other blogs too!
You will be so glad you did.

Blog Hopping Again!

This is such a fun hop!
You have got to stop by everyone and see what everyone has done.
They are all so cute.

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"Pampered Hen" Red Work

This is the newest pattern done! 
You can get it at:
Just click on the above link and you will be there!
I was just to excited I had to share!
I think this is really a fun one to make for a friend you are taking and chicken dish to.
There is a yummy chicken recipe with the pattern.
As all of my patterns come with a recipe.
My poor Husband is just stitching away!
I have more to come as he finishes stitching....LOL


Bowl Full of Cherries Dish Towel

I know I am on a roll!
I finally finished the "Days of the Week" and 1 more!
This one is called "Bowl full of Cherries".
I just love making these. 
All of my patterns come with a recipe and this one would be good to 
give the ingredients in a basket and the dish towel as a gift! You can see 
these at:
Just click and stop by!
I love Vistors!

Day's of the Week Dish Towels

Finally I am done with with my new patterns.
Days of the week has a pattern for each day of the week.

I had so much fun doing these...and so did my stitch er...
my husband Kelly.

They remind me of when I was small and my Mother stitched 
"Days of the Week" dish towels. But I don't remember ever using hers.

We do use the ones I make....
But I do threaten that the first one to use them to clean 
up Kool aid will be the next stitch er.

Thursday on my sampler is spelled wrong....
LOL... I left it ....I really didn't catch until after pictures.
My only excuse is this is the one I stitched, not my husband, after I had just 
had surgery on my foot. So I blame the pain pills.

I love stitching dish towels. And they make the best gifts.

I don't know which one is my favorite, it changed as each one got done.
You can find these over at:
Just click the link and stop by!


Almost Done!

This is what it feels like to be almost done with my 
"Days of the Week" Dish towel pattern!
I have one more day to finish and then you can see
them all. 
I know I keep saying it but it just has taken forever!
This will probably be the only 
"Day of the Week" Pattern I do...

I love old Pictures!


This was my Grandfather driving the truck and my Mom and the girls holding the player piano in the back.

Don’t you just love that truck!


Open House Fun!

I haven't had a chance to add the pictures from Jill Finley Open House.  
It was so much fun its never to late to share.

These are the pictures of the front of her home and porch.
So welcoming!
This was one of the funniest open houses EVER!
It was not only an beautiful home but decorated with all of Jill's 
wonderful quilts.
It made you want to go home and sew ( after buying her book).

On her porch....

On way down stairs....

Everything looked so perfect....

This Quilt isn't in her book because 1 persons starts it 
and they pass it to another for the next row and so on....

I am always closing my cupboard that I have in my bedroom, 
This is a great idea so you can leave it open.


Laundry room....

Walk way...

Living room...

I love the pillows...

And a to die for craft room....

All of Jill's quilts are so much prettier in person, 
even though they look wonderful in the book.

Love her fabric baskets...

Darling window seat...

And we finally left...
this was so much fun and you will want to make
sure you don't miss the next one.
There are more pictures of her beautiful home on her blog...
You will have to stop by and tell her I sent you!

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