Holiday Quilting!

Yes! I get to quilt all weekend! 
I am so excited !

Some are turned wrong but I haven't decided
maybe it will go that way in the quilt.

Well maybe not...

I do think I will do all the baskets 
polka dots....
Dang I should have joined the blog hop.

I have to go and make more baskets.

I Love Buttons

Button fascinate me, as a kid I loved to play in the button tin.
My mom kept her buttons in a tin that had candy or cookies in it.

I would divide them into colors, shapes and sizes.

Sometimes I just sat and push my hand to the bottom on the tin, 
opening my fingers and pulling up. 
This was just to feel the buttons slide between my finger.
My mom would give me a threaded needle and 
I would string the buttons thinking I was really sewing too.

And the vintage ones...
I have to say they were and are my favorite.

Oh and speaking of vintage, you can't forget the vintage buttons on cards.

I have buttons in jars and tins. 
The are mixed and divided into colors.
You can never have to many buttons.
Or fun memories...
What do you keep your buttons in?


Learning to Cook for Two

Empty Nesting means you get to do everything 
you didn't get to do with Kids.
And the hardest thing is re-learn cooking to only do it for 2.
We just can't eat all those left overs that fast 
and who wants left overs.
So I am having to learn to cook smaller portion. 
I am a cookbook junkie, I like reading cook books 
more than books. 
And if they are cute it makes it so much enjoyable.
This is one of my favorites! 
It is by Debbie G. Harmon and not only does it have great recipes 
for us empty nesters but its a darling book.
It really is hard to find small portion cookbooks but if you can find one 
that has a whole book full of ones you can't wait to try, then its a keeper!


I Can't Believe its Paper!

Yes this is made out of paper. One of the guys at my work makes the most amazing things out of paper. This just one of the things he has made. And its not done yet. 

I think it amazing. And it has as many pieces as a very hard quilt.
This one had all the pieces on 50 sheets of paper.


Last Day for Free Pattern

Yes today is the last day for my giveaway.
So make sure you leave a comment on my Bowls with Borders Post.
Also make sure I have your email address so i can send you the pattern.
Anyone who didn't I can send it if I don't have your email address.
There were about 9 who didn't have email addresses.
Blog hopping is so fun, don't you think. I really enjoyed this one. It was so fun how many different ways everyone came up with to use the same pattern.


Still Hopping?

I hope you are all still hopping!

                                                                 August 22nd



My Turn Blog Hopping!

Today is my day on Bowls With Borders Blog Hop.
(The dates for this hop are August 13 through August 28.)

 I want to thank Regina for making such a fun pattern and sharing it
with those of us who are participating in the blog hop.  You can buy her pattern here.
You will want her pattern after this Blog Hop for sure!
I also want to say a big thank you  the organizers, Madame Samm from Sew WE Quilt
 and Carol from Just Let Me Quilt.
This has been SOOO fun!

Each blog has done an Amazing job! So make sure you hit them all!

My still needs to be quilted and a binding put on, And I am thinking a green strip
for the binding.

You know I had to add red work to mine...LOL

I did stitching around the flower, bowls and edge too!

Adding a button for the flower center.
I love Red Work!

This could be a wall hanging too. I almost hung it above my kitchen cart....
I still might.

I did the flowers with heat and bond and stitched down with a basket stitch on my sewing machine.

I really love to do french knots...yes I know Crazy huh....

I did a few more baskets to do as hot pads i thought that would be a nice touch to go with table runner.
And I think a dish towel with the red work bowls would be cute too!

This was such a fun project with so many possibilities.

Yes I have a Give Away!
But this give away has a time limit. 
It is only good until August 24th
You need to add me to your blog roll and leave a comment with you email address (by August 24th) and I will send you the pattern for the red work Bowls.
If you don't have a blog just let me know in your comment.
This will come to you in PDF format to your email address.
I will mail out on the 25th.

Be sure to stop by the other blogs today!
August 19th

Sneak Peek...

This is a sneak peek at my Bowls with Borders...
You know it will have red work....LOL
You have to stop by on the 19th to see the whole thing...
and find out what Give Away I will have!
Hope to see you then!

Bowls with Borders Starts Today!

 Blog Hop!
(The schedule is below)
Make sure to stop by on the 19th!!
August 13th
I Have A Notion

August 18th
Cool Crafty Mom

August 25th


Cooking or Sewing?

OK I really need to make so zucchini bread....
but that Fusion Blanket Crochet Along is calling my name...
And I have this great fabric....

See look can't you just see it now...
Yellow yarn...
mixing up all these bright colors....
oh my....
but I really need to get that bread made....

So cute...
I can't wait...
I will just check out Cory@ Little Miss Shabby tutorial again:
I can do this...
oh I might as well look at the flicker group too
Oh yes and Lori Holt's pictures too...
So I am now thinking that zucchini looks like it can last another day

End of The Day

The girls are so tired.....
Now I can work on 
Bowls With Borders....

Getting Ready for Bowls With Borders Blog Hop

We are getting so close to the 
"Bowls with Borders"
Blog hop!
Here is a sneak peek of what I am doing to 
go with the paper piecing part....

You know mine has to have some red work...


Applique Dish Towel

Some of the best applique patterns work great on
Dish towels!
This one has moda's crocheted edge.
Looks cute!
I love this one!
Sometimes when I make these they are hard to give away...
Until I make another one...LOL
So I try to make several at once so I have a small
stock pile.  And that makes them easy to part with.

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